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Weingarten Jungherrn im Kahlenbergerdorf


Vineyard cultivation in harmony with nature

Vineyard cultivation in harmony with nature

Legendary vineyards are the pride and heart of the winery. Vineyards are found in the best sites of Klosterneuburg, Vienna, Gumpoldskirchen and Tattendorf. The variation in soils and microclimates of the four wine origins make it possible for the winery to cultivate each grape variety in its ideal terroir.

The vineyards of Stift Klosterneuburg are part of a vital ecological system and home to numerous species of flora and fauna. Sowing a diversity of plants between vine rows attracts an abundance of beneficial animals and insects. The soil, mother of all plants, is given great attention in our vineyards. Fertilization with our own compost gives back to the earth what has been given us in the form of grapes. Living soil with intact micro-organisms is important to us.

Consciencious and harmonious work with nature is the motivation for our preference for manual rather than mechanical vineyard cultivation. Each vine can be given individual attention by placing shoots and plucking leaves to ensure optimal sun exposure and ripening of highly flavourful grapes with intense expression.