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Weingarten Hengsberg in Klosterneuburg

Carbon Neutrality

Our Contribution to Environmental Protection

Carbon neutrality
Our Contribution to Environmental Protection

We work carbon neutral!

Conscientious use of our natural resources has always been a central theme in our philosophy. Now are now further increasing our efforts and all steps of production in the entire winery have been analysed and improved according to their impact on our climate and environment. We have now been certified as the first carbon neutral winery in Austria by the environmental protection pioneer “ClimatePartner”.

Carbon emissions minimized

Every one of our bottles of wine creates around 1.7 kg of carbon dioxide, which is about the equivalent of one cubic meter of gas. Our central goal was to explore every possibility of minimizing our carbon gas emissions. We made numerous investments in the energy efficiency of our production methods. Our energy comes from renewable sources and the heat created during fermentation and other processes is lead back into our circulation of energy. This has brought a huge energy savings in comparison with the average European winery. Because a zero-emission is not possible, we compensate for the small remainder of emissions with a climate protection project.

Sustainable work methods reduce carbon emissions

Sustainable cultivation and production methods of the Stift Klosterneuburg winery result in significant reductions in carbon gas emissions. We are open to finding solutions through unconventional methods. For example, we are experimenting with keeping chickens between our vine rows. They loosen the soil and contribute to the reduction of weeds.

Thermal energy and energy conservation

Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced wherever possible. The deep double-walled cellar of Stift Klosterneuburg does not require any additional air-conditioning for wine storage. The warmth created during fermentation and other processes is re-used by leading it back into the energy circulation system. Our own biomass power plant provides us with our entire heating needs and delivers surplus energy into the network. Relying on local energy providers whenever possible helps us reduce transportation needs. We are in the process of converting all of our tractors to biofuel. Winery manager Wolfgang Hamm keeps an observant eye on the life cycle analysis of all of our production methods and explains,

“The protection of our existence begins with the small things. Sustainable production also means not wasting and throwing things away needlessly. We invest in long-term quality for our production, in things that will last. Environmental protection is a permanent process in our winery.”

Highest demands on wine quality

At Stift Klosterneuburg Winery, we produce wines that are counted among the very best in Austria. The in-depth analysis of our production methods and their impact on our climate has made it possible to be much more sensitive in working responsibly with our environment.


Klimaneutralität Stift Klosterneuburg

Stift Klosterneuburg Wine Estate is certified by IFS

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