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Fruit growing

Fruit cultivation since 1402

Best quality fruit juices

There is a long tradition for fruit cultivation at Stift Klosterneuburg which has continued uninterrupted since the foundation of the abbey in the year 1114. The orchard was established in 1402 on the other side of the Danube River in Langenzersdorf. The orchard comprises mostly apple trees of which there are several varieties. The trees thrive in ideal preconditions on the loose, warm and fertile alluvial soils of the Danube. The region is pampered by the sun and the warm climate influences of the Pannonian Steppe to the east. The Danube River current regulates the flow of air and enhances the temperature differences between day and night which support the development of aroma and character of the various apple varieties.

The trees in the orchards have an advantageous variation in age. Unripe fruit is rigorously discarded in early summer so that the trees may concentrate on the ripening of the remaining apples. Fruit cultivation is practiced sustainably and beneficial insects are protected. Fruit is harvested exclusively by hand in several passages as the apples ripen.

The assortment of apple and fruit varieties in the orchards of Stift Klosterneuburg comprises a conscientious mixture of traditional and modern varieties. Classics like Golden Delicious and Granny Smith are cultivated alongside high-quality new crossings like Idared and Jonagold in the prime Langenzersdorf orchards. The gentle processing of fruit yields unfiltered, naturally cloudy apple and fruit juices of the highest quality.


Naturally cloudy and varietal apple juices


The name of the popular Jonagold indicates its origins. The variety was bred from Jonathan and Golden Delicious in Geneva, NY/USA.
The juice convinces the very aromatic variety by its smooth sweetness and fine fruit.

Pulp: Coarse cells, loose and especially juicy.

Taste: Well-balanced sweetness and acidity on the palate, harmonious and very tasty - intense, refreshing flavor.


This dessert apple was bred from the apple varieties Jonathan x Wagnerapfel in Idaho/USA in 1930. With a gentle aroma and charming scent, the mild and elegant apple juice proved itself to be the ideal appetizer.

Pulp: White to light pink, juicy

Taste: Very fragrant in the nose, slightly creamy fruit on the palate, with harmonious acidity.

Granny Smith

This apple variety, originally from Australia, has one of the longest maturity periods of all apple varieties. Thanks to its typical high acidety and its slightly sweetness the juice abounds with freshness and elegance.

Pulp: white, very juicy

Taste: Crisp and fresh, typical varietal, slightly grassy aroma, refreshing acidity.

Cox Orange

The trees of this very demanding and old variety respond the intensive care by small quantity, but the juice is just a great experience. The variety Cox Orange developed out of a chance seedling in Grate Briten 1825.

Pulp: frim but nevertheless fine flesh

Taste: Absolutely irresistible apple juice. Extremely intense flavor is characterized by perfect balance of acidity and wetness. A true taste experience!

Golden Delicious

In around 1890 the Golden Delicious was discovered as a chance seedling in a back yared in West Virginia/USA. This true classic among apple varieties makes a rich juice with refreshing acidity, nice sweetness and fine aromas.

Pulp: light and slightly yellowisch

Taste: Rich on the palate, sweet with mild acidity. Harmonious and creamy.