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Single-varietal juices

Exceptional and climate neutral

Single-varietal juices: exceptional and climate neutral

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” – that must have been what the first Augustine Cannons thought as they planted an orchard next to the abbey when they established the Stift Klosterneuburg. So began a long tradition of fruit cultivation that we continue today. The Stift purchased fertile land on the opposite bank of the Danube River that proved to be predestined for the cultivation of high quality fruit. This is where our apple trees now thrive. The apple varieties that grow here – the classic Golden Delicious and Granny Smith or the exquisite breedings Idared and Jonagold – are all particularly well suited for the production of delicious juices.

What distinguishes our juices and makes them so exceptional is that they are single-varietal juices, naturally cloudy and unfiltered. Only high quality table fruit is used and that can certainly be tasted. The mix of trees of various ages is ideal and they are pampered by the mild, sunny Pannonian climate. The temperature fluctuations between day and night lead to pronounced aromatic expression and highlight varietal character. Our winery’s principals of environmentally friendly cultivation and protection of beneficial insects naturally applies for our fruit cultivation as well.

The conscientious stewardship of natural resources is a principle concern for us. Throughout the entire production, the impact on the climate is continuously analysed and optimized. We are proud that our fruit production is certified as climate neutral by the climate protection pioneer “ClimatePartner”. All fruit is carefully harvested by hand in several passes through the orchard. Processing occurs as gentle as could possibly be. This guarantees single-varietal juices of exceptional quality.