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Monastery and Art Tour

On the Monastery and Art Tour, guests are given the opportunity to view the rooms and art treasures of the Monastery along a route of their choice.

The accredited Austria Guide has the opportunity to adapt this 60-minute guided tour to guests’ interests, even at short notice, and to show them the art treasures in any order they choose.
This makes it possible to view, on one single tour, the Austrian Archducal Hat, the Verdun Altar and the Imperial Rooms, which can otherwise only be viewed on three different tours. Visitors can choose from the monastery church, Verdun Altar, mediaeval cloister, Albrecht Altar, Marble Hall, Imperial Rooms of Charles VI, museum, Gallery of Modern Art and the Treasure Chamber.

Suggested tour combinations:

Tour 1   
• Austrian Archducal Hat – the crown of the Archduchy of Austria (1616)
• Albrecht Altar (15th century)
• Mediaeval cloister
• Verdun Altar (12th century)

Tour 2
• Veil Monstrance (1714)
• Ivory carvings
• Monastery church refurbished in baroque style
• Lapidarium

Tour 3    
• Baroque Sala terrena (1740)
• Imperial Rooms of Charles VI (1740)
• Babenberg family tree (1489 - 1492)
• Bronze Renaissance statues

Monastery and Art Tour
Type: Guided tour
Bookable: All year round
Duration: Approx. 60 min.
Price incl. tour 2016/2017:  € 9.50 1 / € 10 2 per person

1 Price valid for guided tour with Austria Guide | 2 Price valid for guided tour with a cultural expert from the Monastery