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Austria Guides

Dear Austria Guides, welcome to Klosterneuburg Abbey!

Founded 900 years ago, the abbey is, at one and the same time, a place of lived faith, a place where unique cultural treasures are preserved, and a producer of outstanding wines. The fruitful interplay of the spiritual and the secular lends Klosterneuburg Abbey its unique charm, which we want to share with visitors from all over the world.

We are very committed to making Klosterneuburg Abbey transparent and accessible for visitors of many different backgrounds and ages, arousing their curiosity to learn more about Austrian art, culture and history.

By means of attractive themed tours, Klosterneuburg Abbey presents itself in all its variations: as an active abbey of the Augustinian Canons, as an imperial residence, as Austria’s oldest winery, and as a preserver and collector of religious and modern art.

Designed especially for Austria Guides, the Abbey & Art Tour offers you the opportunity to select highlights from this variety and present them in an enjoyable atmosphere, adapted to the individual requests, wishes and interests of your guests.

As we value your work very highly and are interested in good cooperation with you, we have drawn up texts with in-depth information on the themed tours, complemented by regularly updated details regarding the practical procedure for a visit.

We hope that the information for guiding the tours will help and encourage you to present the abbey and its art treasures to your guests. Enjoy your visit!

Matthias Hofmeister-Kiss, Managing Director for Culture


Curator’s tour of the exhibition “Die Guten Werke”

April 28, 2023      2 p.m.       Meeting point: Visitor reception / Sala terrena

Limited number of participants. To register, please write to groups@stift-klosterneuburg.at.



The purpose of our accreditation events is to give you the latest information about the practical procedure for the guided tours.
Please participate even if you are already accredited, but have not recently guided any tours at Klosterneuburg Abbey!

Thursday, 2. March 2023 | 10.30 am
Tuesday, 6. June 2023 | 2 pm
Tuesday, 19. September 2023 | 10.30 am
Thursday, 14. December 2023 | 2 pm

These dates are reserved exclusively for Austria Guides and tourist guides. On all dates, the meeting point is the Visitor Reception/Sala terrena.

To register, please write to groups@stift-klosterneuburg.at or call +43 2243/411-251.

 After your accreditation has been completed, you are cordially invited to prepare your guided tour on site at any time. At the visitor reception you will be given a pass key for the various parts of the abbey.




Cultural Education
Susanne Profous
T: +43 2243 411-217
E: s.profous@stift-klosterneuburg.at

Group Bookings
Christian Enzinger
T: +43 2243 411-251
E: groups@stift-klosterneuburg.at