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Press folder Klosterneuburg Monastery


Press folder Klosterneuburg Monastery

Klosterneuburg Monastery, January 2017

The Monastery of Klosterneuburg – Past and Present
Historical overview
Excerpt from the Chronicles
Margrave Leopold III – Saint & Patron Saint of Austria
Living according to the Monastic Rules of St. Augustin
Pastoral Care in 27 parishes
A World-wide Social Commitment
Effectiveness Report
The Monastery of Klosterneuburg as an Economic Factor
Facts – the Monastery’s Business Enterprises
The Business Sectors:
Social- and Economic Responsibility
Arts and Culture
The Monastery’s Impact on Science
Collections of European Significance
900 Years of Architectural History
The Cultural Treasure on the outskirts of Vienna
Must-Sees at the Monastery
The St. Leopold Peace Prize