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A home for street children

Since the year 2000, Klosterneuburg Abbey’s association “A Home for Street Children” has supported Concordia Social Projects. In Romania, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova, the association was involved in many projects from the very start.

Concordia Social Projects

Concordia Sozialprojekte (Concordia Social Projects) is an NGO supporting children, adolescents and families in situations of hardship in Romania, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova. They help, promptly and directly, in the places where the need is greatest. Children and young people are assisted on their path to leading self-determined lives; through education and vocational training, they are offered the right opportunities to reach that goal. Concordia Social Projects was founded by Father Georg Sporschill, SJ, in 1991.

Sent on a mission by his order, he helped the countless children on the streets of Bucharest. In the course of time, Concordia opened a number of children’s homes, a social centre and assisted-living communities. Starting in 2004, family centres and community centres were established in several villages of the Republic of Moldova; a community centre in Sofia followed several years later. Over the years, a small social help project has developed into an organisation which, in addition to supporting approximately 1,000 children and young people in Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova, also provides food for thousands of senior citizens.

Stift Klosterneuburg – Ein Zuhause für Straßenkinder
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Schoolchildren for street children

Dedicated schoolchildren from Vienna and Lower Austria make a valuable contribution to the social project of the abbey. As part of the initiative “Schoolchildren for street children” girls and boys canvas for support of the Concordia Social Projects – not only among their teachers and classmates, but also beyond their own school.


The extent of their commitment and the creativity of their ideas is shown in numerous examples: By means of notice boards and posters, in lectures and discussion events, one class in Floridsdorf (Vienna) informed their classmates and teachers about the project and encouraged them to donate; they organised buffets and street collections as well. The children attending the Hermannstraße primary school in Klosterneuburg cleaned the shoes of passers-by at the Stiftsplatz for donations.

The students of the Vocational School for Electrical Engineering at Stockerau, the Hermannstraße secondary modern school in Klosterneuburg and the De la Salle school in Währing (Vienna), among others, have also proved to be very active and successful contributors.

Since 2000, these committed school children and youths have managed to collect approximately EUR 42,500 (as of 2014).

For more information on the project “School children for street children”, please contact Walter Hanzmann
Phone: +43 2243 411-182
Mobile: +43 676 447 90 67


Donations and contributions

Since the year 2000 Klosterneuburg Abbey’s association “A Home for Street Children” has supported Concordia Social Projects. The annual donation amount comes from the following sources:

– Individual donors: fund-raising letters, donation boxes, donations by businesses, …
– Schools: as part of the project “School children for street children”
– Parishes: charity concerts and other events, Christmas markets, …
– Klosterneuburg Abbey: percentage of the revenues of the monastic businesses

For detailed record please refer to Wirkungsbericht des Stiftes (german).