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Aufgeschlagenes Buch auf Red­ner­pult



Research Day


On October 20th, 2023, the Centre for Cultural Studies marked a significant milestone with its inaugural ‘Research Day.’ This special occasion granted visitors exclusive access to the behind-the-scenes facets of the Abbey’s collections. The event featured a project fair where researchers from diverse disciplines showcased their work, providing attendees with insights into the examination of original sources. A series of lectures by international experts not only delved into current topics but also offered glimpses into future perspectives concerning the stewardship of the cultural heritage held by the monastery. The culminating evening lecture, presented by historian Julia Burkhardt, Professor of Medieval History at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, explored the theme of “Books that create community.”

Conference “Quod Nicolaus Virdunensis fabricavit”

11.05.2023 – 13.05.2023

The outcomes of material-technological studies conducted on the Verdun Altar during the Autumn of 2022 were recently unveiled at a three-day conference held in the Augustinussaal of the Abbey. Engaging participants in comprehensive discussions, the conference centered around these findings, contextualizing them within the broader spheres of media, cultural, and art historical considerations pertinent to Nicolaus of Verdun’s masterpiece.


Canonesses’ Conference

25.5.2022 – 27.5.2022

Until 1568, Klosterneuburg was home to a convent for canonesses alongside the canon’s convent, which continues to be active today. Despite its historical significance, minimal research has been undertaken on the history, daily life, and liturgy of Klosterneuburg’s canonesses. This is poised to change with the support of startup funding and collaborative efforts between the universities of Düsseldorf, Harvard, Salzburg, and Vienna. Current initiatives involve the meticulous preparation of projects in the disciplines of German Philology, History, and Theology, aiming to systematically investigate the daily life, organization, and knowledge assets of the canonesses’ convent in alignment with the latest research standards. Leveraging accounting books, inventories, necrologies, and manuscripts from the library – including liturgical works and religious rules – these projects gradually unveil the life of the canonesses of Klosterneuburg. The resultant interdisciplinary contribution advances research on female religious communities in German-speaking countries and provides a valuable basis for international comparative studies.

Conference on the Hussites

15.09.2022 -17.09.2022

Scholars from Austria, the Czech Republic, and Germany convened for a collaborative and insightful exchange. This gathering was orchestrated through the joint efforts of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW), Masaryk University Brünn, and Klosterneuburg Abbey, serving as a complementary component to the exhibition titled “Gotteskrieger – der Kampf um den rechten Glauben rund um Wien im 15. Jahrhundert.”