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Research at Stift Klosterneuburg

Curious for 900 years. The Klosterneuburg Abbey Research Center is an interdisciplinary research center that includes the archive and library of the abbey.

Curious since 900 years. The Center for Cultural Studies (abbreviated as FoKuS) undertakes the coordination and advancement of research initiatives aimed at elucidating the collections housed within the Abbey. Employing contemporary scientific theories and methodologies, the Center for Cultural Studies is dedicated to the curation of research topics, the formulation of prospective projects, aiding in the securing of funding for research partners, internal coordination, and effective communication.

During its initial phase, the Center places particular emphasis on the development of contemporary formats to access project findings and the dissemination of results. Over the next three years, there will be a concerted effort to further expand the scope of Digital Humanities at the Abbey. A primary focus of FoKuS is to enhance both internal and external communication, serving as a vital conduit to augment the Abbey’s visibility, particularly on the international stage, within the scientific community. This entails not only expanding its network within the scientific community but also actively championing research initiatives pertaining to the Abbey’s collections.