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Hl. Leopold, Gründer des Stiftes Klosterneuburg

Klosterneuburg Abbey Art Award – “St. Leopold Peace Prize”

2025 marks the eleventh time that Klosterneuburg Abbey will offer the St. Leopold Peace Prize for humanitarian commitment in art.

The prize, which takes its name from the abbey’s founder Leopold, honours works of art that deal critically with humanitarian and socio-political topics. The St. Leopold Peace Prize is awarded for works of visual art in the fields of painting, graphic art, photography and sculpture, which – in addition to their level of artistry – show humanitarian commitment and implement the chosen theme.


For 2025, the provost of the Abbey of Klosterneuburg, Prelate Anton Höslinger has chosen the following theme:

„Taking a Price for the Waste“

Hear this, you who trample on the needy
and bring the poor of the land to an end,
 saying, “When will the new moon be over,
that we may sell grain?
And the Sabbath,
that we may offer wheat for sale,
that we may make the ephah small and the shekel great
and deal deceitfully with false balances,
 that we may buy the poor for silver
and the needy for a pair of sandals
and sell the chaff of the wheat?
(Amos 8, 4-6)


Artists of any nationality, political and religious belief, as well as groups consisting of several artists are invited to apply.

The prize is endowed with EUR 12,000. The St. Leopold Peace Prize 2025 will be awarded in spring, as the works of the final selection will, if possible, be showcased in the annual exhibition 2025.

Submissions for the Art Award 2025 can only be made from
 1 July to 30 September 2024.


Submission Information

Please note: An entry fee of EUR 30,- per artwork must be paid. Without payment of the entry fee by the deadline of 30 September 2024, the submitted works will not be admitted to the jury sessions.

The St. Leopold Peace Prize 2025 will be awarded in spring, as the works of the final selection will, if possible, be shown in the annual exhibition 2025.

Applications must be submitted digitally using the application form available on this page (see “Application form” above – available from 1 July 2024 on).

We require 1-2 photos of good quality, information on material and dimensions, and a short accompanying text explaining the artwork. Participation is only possible by correctly filling in the name and contact fields and uploading the document(s) in jpg-format (max. 2 MB) by 30 September 2024 midnight at the latest. After this, the upload will no longer be possible. Once you have successfully completed and submitted the form, you will receive a confirmation email indicating that we received your submission.

The entry fee is to be transferred to the following account:

Chorherrenstift Klosterneuburg
AT46 3236 7000 0003 6996

Raika Klosterneuburg
Keyword: Friedenspreis 2025

From the submitted works, a jury of experts will select a maximum of 30 works deemed prize-worthy by the beginning of November 2024. These works are then nominated by the jury and must be submitted in their original form by February 2025. At a second meeting at the end of February 2025, the jury will decide on the prize winner(s) and the possible awarding of honorary prizes.


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