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Grand Tour of the Abbey

Grand Tour of the Abbey

This tour gives you fascinating insights into 900-year old history. Through the mediaeval cloister and the famous Verdun Altar, the tour leads you through the Baroque complex with the private rooms of Charles VI and the impressive Marble Hall.

The Grand Tour of the Abbey leads through the mediaeval cloister to the seven-branched candelabrum of Agnes from the 12th century and on to the mediaeval display room with its outstanding artworks of the Austrian High and Late Gothic period.
From the cloister, the tour leads into St Leopold’s Chapel, the burial place of St Leopold, where the famous Verdun Altar can be seen. This is regarded as a major work of mediaeval enamelling. Completed in 1181 by Nikolaus von Verdun, the altar is recognised as a work that is unique worldwide from the artistic, technical and contentual points of view.
The tour ends in the abbey church, which is particularly impressive owing to its baroque décor, the imperial oratory of Charles VI and the 17th-century “festival organ”, preserved in its original state.

In the first half of the 18th century, plans were made to turn the mediaeval complex of the monastery of the Augustinian Canons at Klosterneuburg into an Austrian Escorial in Baroque style.
Emperor Charles VI, the father of Maria Theresia, had the idea to construct a stronghold of worldly and spiritual power. However, the project was never finished and in many places the extraordinary baroque construction site remained unaltered. Over the centuries, Klosterneuburg Abbey developed into a significant religious centre of the Habsburg dynasty, to which innumerable precious objects were donated; the Austrian Archducal Hat is the most prominent example.
Among the highlights of this tour are the impressive fresco painted by Daniel Gran in the Marble Hall, depicting the glories of the House of Austria, and the private rooms of Charles VI, which have been extraordinarily well preserved up to the present time.


Included in the price for the Grand Tour of the Abbey is the Admission to Klosterneuburg Abbey.  With this ticket you can also visit the Treasure chamber with the Archduke’s Hat, the annual exhibition and the Abbey Museum.

Try the day ticket. For EUR 15,- all the tours offered on one day and also the audio guide is included.

Except special events.