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Stift Klosterneuburg mit Weingarten

MATHÄI Reserve Brut

Mathäi Reserve brut

MATHÄI Reserve Brut

Mathäi Reserve Brut from Stift Klosterneuburg Wine Estate is produced using the traditional Champagne method. Fine bubbles and stable foam, as well as delicate fruit aromas, elegant freshness and a long finish characterise this sparkling wine. Rich extracts on the palate, fine perlage – a sparkling wine to give every celebration that certain something extra.«

On the variety and origins of this sparkling wine:
The Burgundian grape variety Chardonnay is used to make this sparkling wine enjoy the best possible conditions for achieving optimum ripeness at the Abbey Wine Estate’s sites in Vienna. Only wine from the first pressing is used to make Mathäi Brut.

Stift Klosterneuburg Wine Estate:
Since its foundation in 1114 Klosterneuburg Abbey has been growing wine and therefore is the oldest wine estate of Austria. With 108 Hectares of vineyards it is one of the country‘s largest and most renowned estates. The vineyards are situated in selected top locations in Klosterneuburg, Vienna, Gumpoldskirchen and Tattendorf.

Since the year 2009 it is the first carbon neutral wine estate in Europe.

The sparkling wines of Klosterneuburg Abbey Wine Estate are named after Christoph II. Mathäi. Mathäi – a contemporary of Dom Perignon and provost of Klosterneuburg Abbey from 1686 to 1706 – performed great services toward the development of winemaking in Klosterneuburg. To honour him, the Abbey sparkling wines bear the name »Mathäi«.