Fässer im Keller

Winery Tour for groups

minimum group-size: 10 people

Winery Tour for groups

The Winery Tour leads visitors on an atmospheric and informative exploration of the baroque cellar complex which, supported by metre-thick brick walls, reaches down to a depth of up to 36 metres.

Here, at Austria’s oldest winery, one can uniquely experience the connection between a centuries-old wine-growing tradition and the most modern winery technology. The guided tour elucidates the 900-year history of wine production in Klosterneuburg. At the end of the tour, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a wine tasting in the monastery vinotheque, a cellar vault dating from the 12th century.


  • Baroque wine cellar
  • Fermenting cellar
  • Wine press house (once the 14th-century   Chorfrauenkirche or “canoness church”)
  • Wine samples
  • Vinotheque (vault dating from the 12th century)
  • Film on the Klosterneuburg Monastery winery


Wine tasting

The Klosterneuburg Monastery winery is the oldest wine-growing estate in Austria. At the end of our different tours, we invite visitors to an expert-led tasting of the Monastery’s own multiple-award-winning wines and fruit juices in the monastery vinotheque.