Treasure Chamber

Treasure Chamber

In the Treasure Chamber of Klosterneuburg Monastery, one can view the Monastery’s most precious sacred artworks, ranging over nine centuries.

Neben den mittelalterlichen Goldschmiedearbeiten, zahlreichen Reliquienmonstranzen aus dem Mittelalter und Kunstwerken aus Elfenbein ist eine Auswahl aus der großen Sammlung an Ornaten von der Barockzeit bis zur Moderne zu sehen.

As well as the work of mediaeval goldsmiths, numerous reliquary monstrances from the Middle Ages and artworks made of ivory, a selection of the large collection of regalia dating from the Baroque period to modern times are also displayed here.

One of Austria‘s most precious baroque monstrances, the Veil Monstrance, which was commissioned to mark the 600th anniversary of the founding of the Monastery, is displayed vis-à-vis the margravial regalia, from which the Lower Austrian coat of arms originated, and the “Writing Set” of St. Leopold, dating from the 12th century.

The Austrian Archducal Hat – the crown of the Archduchy of Austria – which was endowed in 1616 by Maximilian III as the holy archducal crown – is regarded as the absolute highlight of the Treasure Chamber.


  • Austrian Archducal Hat – the crown of the Archduchy of Austria (1616)
  • Baroque Veil Monstrance (1714)
  • Baroque regalia of St. Leopold
  • Major works of the mediaeval goldsmith’s art
  • Textiles from nine centuries
  • Artworks of ivory

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