Mittelteil Verduner Altar

Sacred Tour

Sacred Tour

The Sacred Tour leads through the mediaeval cloister to the seven-branched candelabrum of Agnes from the 12th century, and then to the mediaeval display room with its outstanding artworks of the Austrian High and Late Gothic period.

From the cloister, the tour leads into St. Leopold’s Chapel, the burial place of St. Leopold, where the famous Verdun Altar can be seen. This is regarded as a major work of mediaeval enamelling. Completed in 1181 by Nikolaus von Verdun, the altar is recognized as a work that is unique worldwide from the artistic, technical and contentual points of view.

The tour ends in the monastery church, which is particularly impressive owing to its baroque décor, the imperial oratory of Charles VI and the 17th-century “festival organ”, preserved in its original state.



  • Verdun Altar (12th century)
  • Film on how the Verdun Altar came into being
  • Seven-branched candelabrum of Agnes (12th century)
  • Mediaeval cloister
  • Mediaeval display room with sacred masterpieces of the 14th and 15th centuries
  • Monastery church refurbished in baroque style
  • Imperial oratory (1730)
  • Early Baroque “festival organ” (1641)

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