Habsburg Tour for groups

minimum group-size: 10 people

Habsburg Tour for groups

The new Habsburg Tour makes it possible, for the first time ever at Klosterneuburg Monastery, to view all the treasures belonging to the Imperial Habsburg family on just one tour.

The Emperor Charles VI, father of the Empress Maria Theresia, began to enlarge and develop Klosterneuburg Monastery into the “Austrian Escorial”, as a seat of secular and spiritual power. For centuries, Klosterneuburg Monastery remained an important religious centre for the reigning Habsburg family. Thus, many precious objects were endowed to the Monastery through the centuries. In 1616, the Austrian Archducal Hat was endowed by the Emperor Maximilian III as the holy crown of the Archduchy of Austria and as a “symbol of the unity of the hereditary lands of Austria”. Particularly impressive in the Marble Hall is the ceiling fresco “The Glory of the House of Austria” by Daniel Gran. The Habsburg Tour leads through the private rooms of the Emperor Charles VI to the monastery church, which has been refurbished in baroque style and whose imperial oratory and Early Baroque “festival organ” are particularly impressive.

The Babenberg family tree in the museum testifies to the robustly pragmatic political interests of the Habsburgs, who pursued these through the process of canonising the founder of the Monastery, Margrave Leopold, and offers a detailed portrayal of the growth of the power of the House of Austria as a result of cleverly arranged marriages.



  • Baroque Sala terrena (1740)
  • Splendid Imperial Palace façade, with the personified virtues of a ruler
  • Austrian Archducal Hat – the crown of the Archduchy of Austria (1616)
  • Marble Hall with cupola fresco
  • Imperial Room of Charles VI (1740)
  • Monastery church refurbished in baroque style, with imperial oratory
  • Early Baroque “festival organ” (1641)
  • Babenberg family tree (1489 -1492)