Garden tour for groups

minimum group-size: 10 people

Garden Tour

For centuries, the convent garden of Klosterneuburg Monastery has served as a place of meditation and inspiration for the Augustinian Canons.

Starting from the Sala terrena, the unfinished garden hall of the Emperor Charles VI, the tour leads through the gardens of the centuries.

Leading through the modern pond garden with its old varieties of apple, the mediaeval convent garden as well as the Feuerbrunnenhof (“artesian well garden”), preserved in the Renaissance style, the tour then visits the 19th- century park laid out in the classic English style. Many rare and curious plants, as well as the orangery built by Joseph Kornhäusel during the Biedermeier period, can be found here.


  • Pfistererstiege (“baker’s courtyard”) in the mediaeval style
  • Wassertorhof (“water-gate courtyard”) in the mediaeval style
  • Leopoldihof (“St. Leopold’s courtyard”) in the style of Mannerism
  • Feuerbrunnenhof in the Renaissance style
  • Convent garden in the style of an English garden
  • Cloister garden with Christian plant motifs
  • Pond garden in the modern style