Exclusive Winery Tour with premium wine tasting

Exclusive Winery Tour

Exclusive Winery Tour with premium wine tasting

An exclusive guided tour of the over 900-year history of Austria’s oldest winery.

Your cultural expert greets you in the Sala terrena, the garden hall of the Emperor Charles VI, and introduces you to the history of Klosterneuburg Monastery over a glass of Mathäi sparkling wine. Afterwards, the tour sets off through the cellar vault of the winery and the wine press house, the former Chorfrauenkirche (“canoness church”) dating from the 14th century.

Supported by metre-thick brick walls, the cellar vault descends on four levels to a depth of up to 36 metres. It is in this cellar vault, dating from the Baroque period, that the multiple-award-winning wine of Klosterneuburg Monastery’s winery is still produced today.

The tour leads past barrique casks and artistically carved wine barrels from several centuries, through the fermenting cellar to the modern bottling plant. This state-of-the-art wine-cellar technology enables Klosterneuburg Monastery’s winery to be the first in Europe to make CO2-neutral wine.

Following the tour, you’re invited to an exclusive tasting of six premium wines from the winery, commentated by one of our certified sommeliers, in the vinotheque – a cellar vault dating from the 12th century.



  • Baroque, fermenting and Roman cellar
  • Wine press house (once the 14th-century Chorfrauenkirche or “canoness church”)
  • Vinotheque (former wine cellar dating from the 12th century)
  • Modern bottling plants in the baroque vaults
  • Film on the Klosterneuburg Monastery winery