Exclusive Organ Tour with concert

Exclusive Organ Tour with concert

Exclusive Organ Tour with concert

An exclusive guided tour of Europe‘s largest preserved Early Baroque organ.

Your cultural expert greets you in the Sala terrena, the garden hall of the Emperor Charles VI, and leads you via the Sacred Tour (Roman lapidarium, mediaeval cloister, Verdun Altar) into the monastery church, refurbished in baroque style.

The choirmaster of Klosterneuburg Monastery, the Augustinian Canon Meinrad Bolz, then explains the special features of the monastery church, the imperial oratory as well as the history of the construction of the “festival organ”.

The organ in the monastery basilica at Klosterneuburg was constructed by the Passau organ builder Johannes Freundt during the period 1636 – 1642, from parts of two organs which were already in the church. Over the past centuries, the organ has only been played soloistically on high church festivals, and it is certainly owing to this

circumstance that no major alterations were ever made to it. It therefore stands today as an extraordinary, unique European musical monument of the Baroque period. The organ is still played only on high church festivals.

Following the explanatory talks, you are given exclusive access to the organ loft, where the specific features of this unique instrument are explained to you directly at the organ console. The explanations focus on individual register groups and the special construction design of the console, as well as the “short pedal”, a unique feature of baroque organs, and one of the very few examples to be preserved until modern times.

To conclude the tour, Mr Meinrad Bolz plays a short organ concert exclusively for you, which you can enjoy either in the monastery church or at the organ console. After the organ performance, we treat you to a free glass of sparkling wine in the Sala Terrena, where you can also ask either our cultural expert or Mr Meinrad Bolz any further questions you may have.