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Stift Klosterneuburg mit Weingarten





The Chardonnay classic from the Stift Klosterneuburg Wine Estate is characterized by finesse and elegance. Its light yellowgreen colour, the fresh apple fruit aroma and the fine smoothness on the palate make it a thoroughly harmonious representative of its variety.

On the variety and origins of this wine:
Chardonnay, a classic Burgundian variety, is one of the finest and best white wine varieties in the world. Kahlenbergerdorf‘s mild microclimate and chalky soil provide ideal ripening conditions for the yellow-to-amber coloured grapes and give rise to elegant and versatile wines.

Wine Estate of Klosterneuburg Monastery:
Since its foundation in 1114 Klosterneuburg monastery has been growing wine and therefore is the oldest wine estate of Austria. With 108 Hectares of vineyards it is one of the country‘s largest and most renowned estates. The vineyards are situated in selected top locations in Klosterneuburg, Vienna, Gumpoldskirchen and Tattendorf.

Since the year 2009 it is the first carbon neutral wine estate in Europe.

The wines bearing the Stift Klosterneuburg crest are the mainstay of our range of wines. Our classic wines are youthful, fruity and characteristic of their varieties. They elegantly reflect the typicity of the relevant wine-growing region. The grapes used to make them come from various vineyards, but always from one wine-growing location. The classic wine collection represents Austrian winemaking tradition in its most enjoyably drinkable form.