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The monastery gardens‬

The monastery gardens

In 2012, the revitalisation of the monastery gardens was completed: The “Gardens of the Centuries”, including gardens in mediaeval, Renaissance and Baroque design, English gardens and modern parks, were adapted to the respective architectural environment. With careful attention to detail, the plants typically grown in each period have been reconstructed as well.

‪The Orangery of the Monastery

This greenhouse was built by Joseph Kornhäusel in neoclassical style, in the course of the extension of Klosterneuburg Monastery carried out under his direction (1834-1842), for overwintering tropical plants and as a recreational space for the canons. Severe war damage left the building in ruins; it was not until 1995 that renovation was started. The orangery can be visited during garden tours, the Orchid Shows and on Garden Days.

‪The monastery garden service

Flower arrangements for the various occasions throughout the liturgical year are a focus of the garden service’s tasks. In addition to the spacious gardens and outdoor facilities, the garden service is also involved in taking care of all parish gardens in Lower Austria and Vienna.

Beyond its floristic tasks, the monastery garden service is also in charge of maintenance and infrastructural measures throughout the monastery premises.

Depending on the work load and the season, the monastery garden service employs a varying number of staff, who are responsible for all floristic tasks, as well as garden design and maintenance. In a socially aware approach, people with special needs are also integrated here. They find a sheltered work sphere in the garden service and complement its team. Thus the garden service not only contributes to the divine work of creation, but also fulfils a social task.

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